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Live Streams Can Make or Break Your Event. Here’s How

By Lori R.

Instant access is always a good plan, right? Well, not always. As event marketers expand their insight, built their toolkits and innovate on the groun

Tuesday 17th January 2017


How to shoot a music video

By Soho Studios

In a world where content is king, video is king of content. EvenĀ pod castsĀ are frequently shot on video because people want to see their entertainme

Wednesday 17th April 2013


A kaleidoscope of color and RETAIL

By soho

If you were at this American Apparel sale you’ll remember the aisles of color and stylishly dressed mannequins. It was a huge success and winnin

Monday 15th October 2012


Remembering Winter Music Conference and Swedish House Mafia

By soho

This time lapse video is a great sneak peek into the life, gears, and production of a awesome event at Soho Studios. During the past Winter Music Conf

Thursday 11th October 2012