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live streaming

Live Streams Can Make or Break Your Event. Here’s How

By Lori R.

Instant access is always a good plan, right? Well, not always. As event marketers expand their insight, built their toolkits and innovate on the groun

Tuesday 17th January 2017


Absolut and Deadmau5 Create a Virtual Reality Game

By Lori R.

Over the past two years, Absolut Vodka has been using their Absolut Nights marketing campaign to reestablish themselves as the trendsetter for night l

Tuesday 12th July 2016

car lights

Audi Presents LED Art Exhibit at New York City Club

By Lori R.

Since inventing LED daytime running lights back in 2005, Audi has been at the forefront of LED technology. With this achievement in mind, the company

Tuesday 5th July 2016


Four Ways the Smartwatch Will Impact your Next Event

By Lori R.

As the technology industry continues to evolve, the events industry must continue to keep up with the demand as well.  One of the products to hit the

Saturday 21st May 2016

ghost face

Game of Thrones at the Annual South by Southwest 2016

By Lori R.

Game of Thrones has been one of the most talked about cultural phenomena over the last half decade, seeming to only grow in popularity each passing ye

Wednesday 20th April 2016


NASA’s Space Apps Boot Camp

By Lori R.

NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge features a world-wide event capable of boosting technology opportunities for artists, scientists, engineer

Friday 15th January 2016


Adobe’s PhoneGap Day

By Lori R.

Adobe’s PhoneGap Day is one part celebration, one part conference. Starting Jan. 28th, PhoneGap Day U.S. takes place at the brand’s intuitive Leh

Thursday 14th January 2016

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Fitbit Local: An Active Engagement for Wearable Technology Users

By Lori R.

Fitbit has gained major traction in recent months, and its emergence in the marketing world is characterized by its industry’s finest offerings. Fit

Tuesday 5th January 2016


PeopleSpace’s APP-O-MOTIVE Invites Consumers and Brands to Test Their Skills

By Lori R.

Automotive hack-a-thons present the industry’s leading technologies while supporting those capable of expanding them. While hacking, itself, isn’t

Thursday 31st December 2015


Google’s Digital Breakfast in Miami

By Lori R.

Google’s Cybertising campaign came to a head in its Miami-based Digital Breakfast. Google, in the past, has hosted practical marketing affairs—

Monday 14th December 2015