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Game of Thrones at the Annual South by Southwest 2016

By Lori R.

Game of Thrones has been one of the most talked about cultural phenomena over the last half decade, seeming to only grow in popularity each passing ye

Wednesday 20th April 2016


“Living for Adventure” Film Series by Great Miami Outfitters

By Lori R.

Great Miami Outfitters is hosting its outdoor promotional web series beginning January 9, 2016, inviting brand lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike to

Wednesday 16th December 2015


Stella Artois Sponsors the Austin Film Festival

By Lori R.

Stella Artois is Interbrew’s flagship brand, and its global consumption has been highly promising since 1992. Between 1992 and 1999 alone, Stella Ar

Monday 19th October 2015


Comcast’s Outdoor Film Festival

By Lori R.

A pioneer in outdoor movie presentations, Comcast has hosted some of the country’s largest screenings. The Comcast Outdoor Film Festival takes place

Monday 27th July 2015


KijiK Multimedia at Miami Film Month

By Lori R.

The growing film industry has generated a wide array of opportunities, and Greater Miami is home to exquisite events and excellent marketing opportuni

Friday 5th June 2015


Coca-Cola Hires Italian Artist to Create Amazing Stop-Motion Video

By Soho Studios

The idea of happiness has been a central theme to Coca-Cola’s marketing for 90 years. According to a company press release, the “Enjoy Life” slo

Tuesday 27th August 2013


The Dawn of 3D Film

By Soho Studios

3D movies have gone from a staple of 1950s drive-in movies to the definitive cutting edge technology for cinema in the 21st century. From animated fil

Tuesday 23rd April 2013


Commercial shoot locations in Miami

By Soho Studios

Not too long ago many commercials were filmed on South Beach. Now in 2013 Wynwood has become the epicenter for filming most of all Miami commercials.

Thursday 11th April 2013


Pain and Gain Trailer

By Soho Studios

Michael Bay’s new movie gets a new trailer and makeover showing more tongue in cheek humor this movie has to offer. This movie appears to ha

Wednesday 27th March 2013


Miami TV Kickstarter project

By Soho Studios

Everyone knows that Miami is the best place to produce a TV or film production. Sun, beach and sexy people makes it a delight to film in Miami. A new

Monday 25th March 2013