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KijiK Multimedia at Miami Film Month

By Lori R.

The growing film industry has generated a wide array of opportunities, and Greater Miami is home to exquisite events and excellent marketing opportuni

Friday 5th June 2015


Women’s International Film & Arts Festival

By Soho Studios

The Women’s International Film and Arts Festival (WIFF) will took place on March 20-24 in 2013. This Miami festival celebrates films by, for and

Tuesday 2nd April 2013


Miami Film Month

By Soho Studios

For movie buffs in the Miami, Florida area, the annual Miami Film Month is a highly anticipated time of year. The Miami Film Month means a variety of

Thursday 7th March 2013


Miami International Film Festival

By Soho Studios

Get ready for world-class culture, glitz and fun: the 30th annual Miami International Film Festival. This year, the festival is the U.S. premier for 1

Monday 4th March 2013