Sizzle Miami

Sizzle Miami, conceived almost 10 years ago, has grown to become America’s most celebrated and anticipated urban gay event in an atmosphere unparallel to none.

Party-seekers from around the world convene in sunny Miami, Florida celebrating life, pride & liberty! Originally a one-day occurrence, Sizzle Miami has evolved into a 5-day smorgasbord of captivating day-time events, and pulsating nightlife. Sizzle is also proud to be the largest and respected social gathering of the year.

When is Sizzle?
Sizzle Miami occurs during the Memorial Day. In the year 2011, Sizzle Miami will begin on Thursday 26th May and end the morning of Tuesday 31st May.

Who Can Participate At Sizzle?
Sizzle is open to all men and women that love and adore people of color. Although Sizzle participants are mostly comprised of African-Americans and Latinos, all races are welcomed and encouraged to participate.

Is Sizzle A Pride Event?
No we are not a pride in the traditional sense. We are about throwing the hottest, sexiest day and night events in the Nation. We don’t offer workshops, however Health & Wellness seminars and outreach initiatives are offered by our community partners.

Is there A Membership or Registration Fee?
Currently Sizzle does not charge a membership or registration fee to attend the events. Sizzle events are open to all.

How Old Do I Have To Be To Participate At Sizzle?
As long as you can give or take a… well nevermind. All of our events are eighteen (18) to party and twenty-one (21) to drink at our exclusive nightclubs.