Puppeteers Launch LG’s Twin Wash Appliances

By Anna Alarid

LG can get its groove on, too. Its Broadway-inspired event took place last November in New York City. LG launched its TWIN Wash laundry appliances wh

Tuesday 9th February 2016


2015 Life is Good Mobile Tour

By Anna Alarid

Life is Good is renowned for its positive promotions, inspiring displays and altruistic branding. Memorable for its happy face logo, Life is Good’s

Tuesday 9th February 2016


AT&T Draws Consumers with Graffiti Art and Music

By Anna Alarid

The Austin City Limits Music Festival offered far more than audio art. AT&T U-verse, stationed near band favorites, utilized the power of graffiti

Friday 5th February 2016


The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart Campaign

By Anna Alarid

First, Fox embraced Austin’s diverse food truck culture and embedded tons of amenities for consumers to try. Then, it created a pop-up Kwik-E-Mart t

Thursday 4th February 2016


Nestlé Takes Coffee-Mate to Ohio State University

By Anna Alarid

Nestlé is well-known for its plethora of resources, branching from its high-ambassador count and extending to its brand enthusiasts around the world.

Wednesday 3rd February 2016


J Dilla Weekend at Soho Studios Miami

By Anna Alarid

If you had to create a Mount Rushmore of hip-hop producers, the late, great J Dilla’s face would undoubtedly be the centerpiece. Almost ten year

Tuesday 2nd February 2016


Miami’s BritWeek Celebrates Culture

By Anna Alarid

One of Miami’s most memorable group attendees, BritWeek intends to inspire the masses with its L.A.-style promotion and creative energy. A fusion be

Monday 1st February 2016

Jackson Health Foundation Gala

Golden Angels Gala at Soho Studios

By Anna Alarid

Soho Studios is proud to announce that we housed the 2016 Golden Angels Gala, the annual charitable event of the Jackson Health Organization. We’

Friday 29th January 2016


Toast and Talk Tuesdays with 216 The Beat and Coffee Phix Café

By Anna Alarid

Radio station marketing schemes tend to be unique, and 216 The Beat holds few punches with it’s awesome broadcasting strategy. Regularly, radio stat

Thursday 28th January 2016

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Project Great Outdoors Creates Backwash Charity Event

By Anna Alarid

Project Great Outdoors profits from its extensive outreach to outdoor guides, therapists, community leaders and educators dedicating their lives to as

Wednesday 27th January 2016