Pro Walk at the US Open Sponsored by American Express a Big Hit

American Express is a rock-star at experiential marketing and if you want to see a great example, just check out their successful Fan Experience at the US Open in New York. Creative and unique interactive, and exciting experiences for their cardmembers and well-planned brand/product placement, offered their customers a fun filled day and reminded them that they were well taken care of by the company.

The US Open American Express Fan Experience marketing event was a huge success in New York this year. Fans that attended got a once in a lifetime chance to be the tennis star they have always dreamed of being…and more! Fans were definitely reminded that “Membership Has Its Privileges” when they attended this experimental marketing venture.

The company’s fan experience was creative, engaging, and worked well with the “Open Like a Pro” theme of the brand’s goal for this year. The American Express Pro Walk actually gave lucky attendees the chance to enter and walk onto center court at Arthur Ashe Stadium, just like a true tennis star.  This unique experience was a huge hit with fans and let them experience being in the limelight that is usually reserved for professional athletes.

The highlight of the 20,000-square-foot US Open American Express Fan Experience, Pro Walk, used a combination of huge tennis ball, holograms, a virtual reality feature, and other digital effects that put the fan eight smack dab into the life of a professional tennis player that started with a “Player Check-In” and took them through an emotional tour of behind the scenes fan experiences which let them walk in the footsteps of legends.

Fans were ushered through the “Locker Room” where they registered, swung a digital tennis racquet, and announced their name. From there, they entered a LED-lined tunnel loaded with graphics, surround-sound audio, and even listened while the paparazzi called their names. When it was their turn to shine, they stepped inside the dome where they saw a replica of center court, were greeted by the roar of the stadium crowd, and looked to the Jumbotrons to see themselves walking onto the court at the US Open! If that wasn’t enough, they were then handed a tennis racquet and the crowd went wild as their opponent failed to return the serve! And to top it off, fans received a video of their American Express Pro Walk experience to commemorate their day.

According to American Express VP of global sponsorships and experiential marketing, they got their inspiration for this year’s activities from their cardmembers. They look at their cardmembers as professional fans. They attend the US Open each year and know all about how to navigate the sporting event and exactly where they want to go. American Express wanted to help the fans experience the US Open like never before.

In addition to the wildly successful Pro Walk, there was also the American Express Card Member Club, which offered a variety of complimentary services, including athlete meet-and-greets, American Express radios with commentary of the games, match updates and American Express brand ambassadors to help members and answer questions.

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