Hansen’s Rebrands with Art

It isn’t every day a Coca-Cola acquisition explodes into art. Back in 2014, the brand purchased Hansen’s from provider and big-hitting marketer Monster Beverage, right alongside its sister brand Blue Sky. While both are governed by Coca-Cola, the overhead brand’s Venturing & Emerging Brand’s business unit is stepping up the marketing game. Now, Hansen’s Soda is receiving the Coca-Cola brand nurture treatment, being spiked with active marketing experiences and a billion-dollar outreach plan. Hansen’s, re-launched in March 2016, carries much more than the typical packaging overhaul.

The Art of Originality Ad Campaign

Hansen’s Soda rolled out its Art of Originality advertisement project via Hansen’s House. Hansen’s House, a venue established to promote creative juices, was a massive array of food, music and all-natural Hansen beverage. It happened on August 12, highlighting the Mar Vista Art Department’s finer angles alongside a massive art gallery.

The gallery, itself, served as a gathering spot for Los Angeles’s biggest creative minds. Packed with interactive experiences, a virtual reality painting area and plenty of chances for community involvement, Hansen’s House was filled with potential and top-dog interactive experiences.

Virtual Reality Paintings

Hansen’s VR painting set gave event-goers the chance to create their own art on provided canvases. Blank and ready for action, the canvases lined the Hansen’s House walls. Attendees could purchase pedicab rides to residential hotspots—where street artists were ready with on-site painting murals. The brand’s capture of the event was phenomenal, extending coverage to Facebook and Twitter with real-time capture.

Of course, all street-level art was tagged with relevant plaques. Each plaque explained Hansen’s project involvement while attributing credit to the artists, themselves. This approach was incredibly innovative, connecting Hansen’s creative decision makers with art-lovers and pedestrians alike.

A Grand Marketing Introduction

It’s hard to open the marketing world’s doors, and it’s even harder to do it in a splendid way. Hansen’s market approach, however, served to reignite its core values by celebrating event-goer individuality. Hansen’s marketing director, Paul Verna, intended to recaptured the ever-popular SoCal audience in a refreshing, invigorating way. To enable artistic power across multiple industries, a provider must create an environment inclusive of multiple personalities. Hansen’s crowd-sourced project, of course, succeeded in doing this.

Possible Program Expansion

Hansen, now, is considering expanding its mural project. Hitting new markets, the brand would certainly bolster a much-loved brand identity of personal expression. For now, L. A’s Mar Vista neighborhoods will have to make do. The mural program will expand, but Hansen likely needs time to appropriately scale its approach. Hansen’s marketing innovation identifies with the core of community engagement, serving the industry as a beacon of excitement, creativity and—most of all—dedication to expansion and the future of brand involvement.

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