Unique Cocktail Branding Ideas For Your Next Happy Hour

Looking for some unique and share worthy marketing ideas for your bar, restaurant, or catering business? Want to go beyond the tired old branded coasters and cocktail napkins? Hospitality business owners are coming up with some creative and memorable ways to spice up their cocktails with these exciting branding ideas.

Say It N-Icely

Nearly every cocktail has one thing in common, they all come with ice. Rather than let this blank canvas melt away unnoticed, your brand can be stamped into each cube. Press a brass stamp into the ice and your logo or message is instantly created without the need for molded ice trays. The branded ice looks best on large disks or cubes that float on top of the drink.

Make It A-Peeling

Ordering your drink with a twist just got a little more interesting with heated branding stamps. Logos and messages can be burned into orange, lemon, or lime peels and placed in the cocktail or on a garnish pick. The burned image will also give off a little extra scent of citrus, adding to the sensory sensation.

Burn It into Memory

One upscale cocktail lounge is taking coaster branding to a whole new level. Using thinly sliced rounds of pine, the bar burns their name into the coaster as part of a theatrical drink making process. The smoke from the freshly embossed pine is then used to smoke the inside of an overturned glass and filled with a signature cocktail. The coaster becomes a unique souvenir that will likely not get tossed away like so many inferior paper coasters.

Give a Token of Appreciation

Retro drink tokens are making a comeback in a big way. Once popular in casinos and corner bars, drink tokens can be turned in for one free drink. However, the most unique and creative tokens are often seen as collectibles and never exchanged for a drink. Tokens are usually made out of metal, plastic, or wooden disks. They are perfect for handing out at events or given to special guests by your bartenders and servers.

Add an Old Fashioned Twist

Of course, sometimes the old way of doing things is still the best way. Every drink needs a swizzle stick or garnish pick, so take advantage of this branding opportunity by creating custom designed drink stirrers. Incorporate your logo or brand message into uniquely shaped plastic stir sticks for social media shareworthy opportunities. You can also create custom designed garnish picks for branded cocktails and appetizers.

These are just a few interesting ways you can market your brand during any cocktail hour, party, or event here at Soho Studios. By giving each drink that extra wow factor, people will remember your message long after the ice melts.




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