Miami’s BritWeek Celebrates Culture

One of Miami’s most memorable group attendees, BritWeek intends to inspire the masses with its L.A.-style promotion and creative energy. A fusion between California and the United Kingdom, BritWeek proposes a new approach to Miami action—one harnessing the advanced relationships shared between the arts, business and philanthropy.

A Miami Extravaganza

BritWeek is hosted in Spring, delivering the pinnacle of British creativity, excellence and innovation. Music, art, film, television, art, retail, design and business providers meet, greet and expand their horizons. If you’re a business provider seeking connectivity opportunities, BritWeek is for you.

Taking place on Miami shores, BritWeek hosts thousands of event-goers, featuring international celebrities, big-name business providers and even political leaders. It’s far more than a business planning event: It’s a hive-mind of the world’s biggest innovators. BritWeek’s philanthropic contributions have expanded to fundraising ventures in the past, extending a hand to L.A.’s BEST, Save the Children, Malaria No More, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

An Innovator Magnet

Always a promoter of children’s literacy, children’s sports and international internships, BritWeek is incredibly effective at garnering the assistance of college campuses, high schools and young minds. With such a focus on community involvement, the event’s outreach is fueled by considerable attraction and industrious learners.

A 501(C)3 Organization, BritWeek was originally formed to enrich general public education. Specifically, it served to enlighten community leaders about the many British contributions to California and the United States. Now, however, BritWeek has gained a mind of its own, hosting and publicly supporting a slew of international businesses seeking American representation.

BritWeek’s intuitive environment is magnetic, and it repeatedly draws in innovators—young and old—to discuss their endeavors with established field professionals. Intent on making the world a better place, BritWeek’s international communication support directly benefits non-profit organizations. In the past, it’s been highly regarded, and nationally recognized, for assisting over 26,000 children with many needs and few resources.

The Event Roundup

BritWeek’s opportunities are numerous, expanding across its Transitional Finance discussion via FinTech, its GREAT Business Innovation Awards Gala and its National Values in Multicultural Societies panel. Again, BritWeek combines business with bustling attention to those in need. The event, itself, is a powerhouse of good-natured networking.

Host of the Nautical Britain within the Miami Boat Show, BritWeek extends to all walks of Miami life. As it rolls on through February, BritWeek powers Miami Club Rum in the center of Wynwood, tying industry leaders together with food, drinks and unrivaled fun. The event is too massive to behold, and BritWeek event-goers historically face difficulty attending every hosted event within. It does, however, invoke a sense of “grand gala” within, where high-profile industry providers are enticed to dance, converse and trade ideas with one another.

A breeding ground for creative partnerships, business collaborations and small brands looking to make an impact, BritWeek is a viable stomping grounds for the elite—a testing grounds for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. Make no mistake, BritWeek is big, relevant and important to Miami’s thriving multicultural business culture.

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